About Us



The Caruth Police Institute (CPI) was created by an innovative partnership between the Dallas Police Department and the University of North Texas at Dallas in 2008. The University of North Texas System and the main campus of the University of North Texas at Denton provided support, and an affiliated relationship with the University of Texas at Dallas, which offers a doctoral program in criminology as well as assistance with research projects, is maintained.

CPI was funded with an initial grant of $9.5 million from the Communities Foundation of Texas, and initially focused on fulfilling the complex research, career advancement, and leadership development needs of the Dallas Police Department. This puts the Dallas Police Department in the unique position of being a national resource for innovative and evidence-based strategies in policing. This first-of-its-kind venture signifies a bold new relationship between academia and major police departments characterized by cutting-edge research, education, and leadership development services.

Today, CPI serves law enforcement and public safety agencies throughout North Texas, offering customized leadership courses, seminars, and research design. To learn more about how we can help your agency with leadership development or evidence-based policies/strategies, give us a call at 214-671-3732 or email us at cpidallas@untdallas.edu. We look forward to hearing from you. 

CPI Alumni

Since 2010, CPI has graduated over 1,000 police officers, law enforcement civilians, and community supervision professionals from our leadership programs. Since that time, we've seen many rise through the ranks to become chiefs, majors, lieutenants, and civilian supervisors. We've also encouraged our grads to achieve their higher education goals and seen a number of our students graduate with bachelor's and master's degrees. Join us as we celebrate the achievements of our alumni--and watch them leave lasting legacies in the criminal justice field!