Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Institute located?

The Caruth Police Institute is located on the first floor of Dallas Police Department’s Jack Evans Police Headquarters, 1400 S Lamar Dallas TX 75215. Our classes are not held at DPD, however; we utilize several sites including UNT Dallas, UNT Dallas College of Law, the Meadows Foundation, and more. 

When is the next class?

We have a number of course offerings for different ranks. Please see our "Schedule" page for more details. 

What resources does the institute provide?

Caruth Police Institute has a growing library with updated literature on policing, leadership, and management skills and strategies. The articles and books are available for our class participants, as well as any Dallas Police Department personnel.

How can I get in a CPI course?

Some courses are mandatory for newly promoted sergeants, lieutenants and majors at the Dallas Police Department; for DPD employees tenured in their rank, enrollment in courses may be secured by nomination by a supervisor. Officers and civilian employees from other area law enforcement agencies are welcome in many of our courses for a competitive fee; please contact the Caruth Police Institute for more details.

Can I tour the institute?

Because we are located in DPD headquarters, Dallas Police Department officers are welcome to drop in and learn more about our institute or meet our staff at any time. For those outside of DPD, please call in advance or make an appointment at 214-671-3732.